Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday, January 3, 2009

#11 - Julia Taylor

Yet another lovely beauty from Budapest. I'm not sure what it is about Budapest, Hungary but every time I check on one of my favorite foreign born stars they seem to have been born there. Perhaps this is a sign that I need to take my medical degree and move shop to Budapest, but at this point I'm content to stay in the United States.

Julia Taylor speaks English, but obvioulsy it's not her first language. She has a cute accent, and has appeared predominantly in films prodcued by 'Private' and Mario Salieri productions. Salierei is really a master, I can't understand a word that's said in his movies, but I still think each and every one of them is a gem for the most part. He really has an eye for talent and there are so many stars in his film that outshine most American starlets working today.

I think the first film I saw her in was 'Talent Scout' which starred the beautiful Eva Black, and she played a maid. It left quite an impression on me, but I never really caught her name so it wasn't until years later that I started to see her popping up all over the place and she really cemented a place in my heart after that.

She has a wonderfully curvy body, with a nice sized chest, and a seemingly insatiable desire for sex. She really gives a great performance each and every time out. She seems like a great actress, but then again, conisdering the movies I see aren't in English everybody seems to be giving great performances.

She also appears in some shots for websites, but the majority of her work is in films. She also recently appeared in a milf themed video, or at least the title said it was, which very strange because the last thing I think of with Julia Taylor is MILF, she is just hot. End of story.

Favorite Movie:

Talent Scout

Least Favorite:

Kiss of Death

Friday, December 19, 2008

#10 - Desiree Cousteau

We're up to three straight golden-oldies, and 7 out of the top 10. I'm not really surprised though, as unfair as it may be they just had better production values, and better stories to work with. You felt like you were getting the glimpse into the person, and not just some scene where the girl shows up, puts on some clothes, has sex and goes home. It just felt more real, and I guess that's why these stars have left a bigger impression on me.

Desiree was another in a line of cute young starlets that had bright wonderful eyes that seemed to reflect a sense of fun and personality. She really had the most adorable face, and a body that wasn't quite skinny, but was as tight as it could be. Marvelous breasts, and a perfect ass were all part of the package.

Now, she was truly the actress that defined brainless back in the golden age of porn. She was tricked into having sex more often than anyone that came before her or after her as far as I can tell. She had a young look, and she could play naive perfectly. Her accent also helped give the impression that she wasn't the brightest bulb, but she played the roles well and you could usually count on her for a great performance.

She's yet another early star who relatively few bad movies to her credits. She had some strange roles, like the one in 'Pretty Peaches' where she gets an enema, which isn't my thing, but mostly any movie she appeared in was a pleaser.

Favorite Film:

Hot Rackets

Least Favorite Film:

Pretty Peaches

#9 - Taija Rae

Taija Rae was probably the cutest adult film star in the 80's. She seemed to be graced with just enough "baby fat" to keep from being called skinny, or overweight. She had a nice medium sized chest, and a perky behind that I always found pleasing. She did have a brief spell where she was a "hard body", which I think was in the mid-1980's, but I wouldn't characterize that as the high point in her career. At that point most of the films were being shot for video, and the genre was at it's low point historically.

She also worked during those odd mid-80's "glam years" where too much make-up and awful hair was the style of the day. I guess that was the 80's though, with leg-warmers and pseudo-punk pink highlights, but whenever I saw her in those outfits I always longed for the old Taija. She was still hot, but it's just a bizarre look into 80's fashion and weirdness. I can only hope drugs played a part in the awful choices in style back then.

Regardless of those minor blips Taija was a great performer, and liked to play the bad girl, or conniver fairly often. She had a few roles that placed her as ditz, but she had a nice comedic touch, and was a pretty decent actor.

Favorite Movie:

Good Girl, Bad Girl

Least Favorite:

Dr. Penetration

#8 - Honey Wilder

It feels like Honey Wilder should come as a supplement to Kay Parker. Her best work always seemed to be done right along side my #1 star of all time, but she did have some truly great roles of her own. That's probably even short changing her a bit, she was a great actor and although her most memorable films for me may have been along side Kay Parker, her solo work was just as outstanding. Great Sexpectations, Wild Dallas Honey, Private Teacher, Sweet Alice, etc...all were great performances and films.

Honey Wilder was another older woman when she worked her way into the industry, and spent a lot of her time onscreen seducing younger men. She had a few roles in the "incest" movies that played well in the early 80's, but have seemingly disappeared in the interest of good taste. As the seductress she was always turning in amazing performances, whther she be the reluctant temptress, or the one going after the young man in earnest.

Phyisically she was quite thin, and maintained her shape very well throughout her career, and was quite busty although not in Kay Parker's league in that department. She had a slight accent (Texas maybe??) and like the others you will see in my top 10 list really always delivered as a performer and seemed to have a genuinely fun personality that came across in all her roles.

Favorite Film:

Private Teacher (but there are many others)

Least Favorite:


#7 - Kate Jones

Kate Jones is one of my "new" favorites, but she's really left quite an impression. Oddly, when I first came across her scenes she by no means blew me away. Her body certainly did, but I didn't find myself longing to see more scenes featuring this beauty.

However, as I stumbled across a few more scenes here and there my appreciation for her continued to grow and although I wish I could find more scenes with her, she's still rapidly climbing my list of favorite adult stars.

Kate, like Elena Nikulina and Anita Blonde, is not an American born porn starlet. I believe she's from the Czech Republic, but who cares, the important part is that she's a great performer who always appears to be enjoying herself and has a perfectly sculpted body, and a great face with sharp features and a hard jaw line.

She also has a wondeful smile, which is far too often underapprecia

At this point certainly my biggest complaint is that her work is not as easy to find as it should be. She already over 30, so hopefully that doesn't cause a slow down any time soon. She could easily pass for much younger, and she's probably the biggest surprise for me in my top 10 list. I wouldn't have guessed that I would place her so high, but when I kept thinking about who my favorites were her name just kept popping up in my head, so here she sits at #7.

Favorite Film:

Fresh Jugs 5

Least Favorite:


#6 - Elena Nikulina

Well, after a quick look at some more classic stars I'm going move back to the euro-stars. Certainly, as far as subsets of porn go, this is probably my favorite.

Elena Nikulina, I'll never forget the first time I came across one of her clips. It was on, that's mega-site, that really isn't worth your money. Anyway, it certainly says something when you remember the name of the mega-site where you first stumbled upon a star.

Since then I have had plenty of time to check out her movies and clips, and I have to say I've been somewhat disappointed with the change in her looks, but I'm still completely enamored with the girl I stumbled upon in the first clip.

The Elena that appears in clips and movies now is probably a bit too tan, and a little too skinny as well. I generally prefer skinny stars, I really do, but some adult stars just carry weight better, and they look better with it. That's not to say she was carrying extra pounds before, she wasn't, she was skinny before she got toned. Like Taija Rae before her though, I think Elena is better served at a slightly heavier weight than she's currently at.

Like Anita Blonde she appears in a lot of non-English movies, but nevertheless she's worth checking out as often as possible. I really think she's one of the most beautiful starlets I have come across, and she has a cute mole abover her lip. A perfect 10 now, and she was better before.

Anyway, if you stumble upon the wrong scene you're probably going to think I'm out of mind, but if you see a clip of her on a copier, well, you'll see why I ranked her so high.

Favorite Movie:

Copier SCENE! (probably her "Best of" - she's more of a "scene" star, than film star)

Least Favorite Movie:

Lust Ohne Limit (she does look great in it, but it's not the type of content I enjoy)